Health Benefits of Engaging with Horses



For people of all ages!


Story Book Meadows is a peaceful ranch offering a wide array of benefits to children, youth and adults. Participants develop increased confidence & patience while given an opportunity to learn how to control their behavior and responses to various situations through activities with the horses. Just being with the horses offers healing to the soul as you build a relationship with them. We serve clients with special needs including those on the autism spectrum & ADHD.


A sense of normalcy: Regularly visiting with a horse helps them bond, and build trust and relationship which carries over into all aspects of their lives. For those with special needs, the time at the ranch allows them to feel normal; that they are not different in any way because the horses don’t see them as different. Horses don’t judge!


A way to learn about ourselves:The emotional and social systems of horses are very much like those of humans. However, unlike humans, a horse is always honest and frequently mirrors the human’s reaction in similar situations. This increases a participant’s self-awareness and growth which in turn encourages them to alter destructive behavior patterns in order to build a positive relationship with the horses.


Increased self-confidence: The ability to take care of and control a horse is a great confidence builder. Positive reinforcement from volunteers and staff makes the client feel worthwhile.


A chance to escape: Exercise is a great stress reliever, along with being in the fresh air away from the worries of their lives. The ranch is a happy place where the troubles of daily life can be forgotten. With today’s use of technology becoming so out of balance, being at the ranch gives people the chance to de-stress through reconnecting with nature and the outdoors.


An opportunity to feel special: Not everyone has the opportunity to be around horses. Our sessions give clients a time to be in the moment and feel loved by their special friend. As they receive undivided attention by their new friends while engaging in activities with the horses.


An opportunity to develop patience: A horse has a mind of its own, so learning to deal with frustration in a patient and calm way provides benefits outside of the ranch as well.


An opportunity to practice emotional self-discipline: An out-of-control person means an out-of-control horse. Clients learn everything they need to have greater control over their lives.


An opportunity to learn control: Many times clients are out-of-control of their own lives and the decisions that affect them. Learning to control a horse and make choices about what the horse does gives them an opportunity to think about consequences and results of their actions.


There is no riding and no horse experience is required.