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Story Book Meadows is a peaceful ranch in a beautiful and natural setting that is dedicated to helping people of all ages with personal growth & positive transformation. We are committed to helping clients find overcome the challenges in their life while moving towards their future goals.
This is a unique and highly profound experience as people are partnered with horses on the ground so interaction is honest and equal (there is no riding). The horses are incredibly perceptive to our emotions and well-being which helps us become more self-aware and connected to our reactions & responses to life situations. As we see our life experiences through the eyes of the horses, we are able to consider and change our perspectives to embrace healing and change. Our thoughts are powerful. Our actions are a result of our thoughts. The horses are able to help us see what our thoughts and perspectives are manifesting in our lives.
Healing, teaching and growing while on the farm in the presence of horses is a holistic approach to improved mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. All sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client in a relaxed atmosphere promoting self awareness, confidence, mindfulness, trust, emotional growth and relational skills.

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds (healing their pain and comforting their sorrow).” Psalm 147:3



“The human spirit lives within the heart and holds the powerful ability to transform our minds, emotions and body.”

Testimonial from Susan H.
I have taken several sessions of equine assisted learning, and horsemanship, and also Christian Life Coach counseling, and Trish has been very helpful. She is very knowledgeable about the Christian faith, and is skilled at guiding the various activities with the horses along. The horses (and donkeys!) are awesome! Each one has a special way of helping you. And the facilities are very clean and well-run, a beautiful country setting. I would highly recommend Story Book Meadows.
Henriette from The Netherlands attended a “Horse/Human Relationship” experience on 28 July. Her review:
“This was an amazing experience! I have been around horses since I was a child, but I feel like I learned more in a few hours with Trish and her horses, than I’ve learned my whole life. She answered all my questions and made me understand horses in a new way. Also she sent me more material about natural horsemanship, so I definitely want to learn more.”

“Integrating animals into our lives is not only a way to ‘return to nature’ but is also a way for us to reconnect with our nature and help ourselves to become more complete as human beings.” – Savishinsky


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Why Horses?


Equine-assisted work honors the natural behavior of horses and herds. Horses, as prey animals, are skilled at keeping themselves safe and are adept at survival. Their natural behaviors are optimal for mental and physical health. In many respects, humans have lost the instinct to keep themselves safe and healthy. We entrust horses to show us the way back to health. Engaging in and observing the horse world lends itself to extremely powerful metaphors into our own patterns, strengths, and the nonverbal messages we send out.
We invite you to come and meet the herd and enjoy the beauty and peace at our farm. Each learning session can take many forms and is as unique as the individual who experiences the process!!
It’s not about riding! There is no riding and all sessions are from the ground. You don’t need any previous horse experience to participate.

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“The Power of Horses to Heal” An article by Tim Hayes…

EAGALA model…Horses Helping People