Farm Visits & Experiences for Groups



Farm Visits


We love to share our farm and animals with those wishing to visit. We offer a one hour farm visit to meet the animals and interact with them as a group. This is a time to learn about chickens, horses, donkeys and miniature horses. You can take some pictures, groom them or just hang out enjoying our fabulous view. Facilitators will guide the visit.


Minimum group size is 4 people (adults & children)
Maximum group size is 10 people (adults & children)


Cost: $35 + hst per person




Full Day Experience



#1 Finding Peace Within


This full day workshop will help participants find true peace through an exploration with the horses and time in nature. Peace can only be found with others when you have it within yourself. Spending time with the horses in this group will open the soul to a deeper understanding of what stops them from having peace. Group sizes up to 6 people. Time: 10am to 4pm (bring lunch)


COST: $750/group + hst






Two Hour Experiences



#2 Teen Visit


Learn about the care and keeping of horses and chickens while enjoying the opportunity to connect with nature and the fresh outdoors. Then we’ll take an hour with the horses to see what they have to tell you about yourself through our Equine Assisted Personal Development activities. This program helps increase your self-awareness of how you interact with others and build your confidence and self-esteem as you learn about non-verbal communication and other life skills through fun activities for individuals, groups or families. Group sizes up to 4 people. Time: 1pm – 3pm.


COST: $300/group + hst







#3 Horse/Human Relationships


Spend an afternoon with the horses and take the opportunity to understand the depth and beauty of their personalities. Learn the wonder of speaking their language with our Natural Horsemanship methods. This means you will learn to ‘talk’ to them in their language. We’ll show you the basics, safety, grooming and round penning if there is time. There’s so much more to horses than just riding. They are sentient creatures with a depth of empathy and understanding that will shock you as you build a relationship with your horse. Group sizes up to 4 people. Time: 1pm – 3pm.

COST: $300/group + hst





#4 Team Building & Leadership for Adults


Stress in the workplace and at home is an important issue in today’s world. Our afternoon mini-course in Team Building & Leadership builds resiliency in teams (whether staff or family). This aids in reducing staff turnover and lost work days, resulting in increased quality of work and life. Our program is beneficial for families with communication/behavioral issues and those in healthcare, social services and first responders; however, anyone in a stressful workplace or customer service industry can benefit too! Group sizes up to 4 people. Time: 1pm – 3pm


COST: $300/group + hst





#5 Team Building & Leadership for Youth


Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. Equine Assisted Personal Development is an emerging field in which horses are invited to teach personal growth, life skills & leadership. EAPD is a powerful and effective approach that has an incredible impact on youth. Through engaging with the horses young people find themselves learning valuable life & leadership skills in a fun and exciting environment. Group sizes up to 4 people (12 -17 years old) Time: 1pm – 3pm.


Cost: $300/group + hst







#6 Healing with Horses


Healing with horses can take many forms and is as unique as each individual who experiences this process. Because of their size, gentle natures and ability to connect we have come to realize that they can teach us to communicate better, create safe and respectful boundaries, and be better leaders. In this experience of self awareness and an exploration of your authentic self you will gain a better understanding of your mind/body connection. You will choose your horse for the experience and start with a time of reflective grooming while building a relationship with your horse. You will engage in an activity of mindfulness with the focus on the emotions of you and your horse. With their mere presence horses can heal us, make whole that which was fragmented and restore that which was lost…Group sizes up to 4 people. Time: 1pm – 3pm.


COST: $300/group + hst




#7 Meditation with Horses


The Word and the Herd brings about a deeply spiritual experience when horses are gathered with participants for Worship and the reading of God’s Word. The bible says “all creatures give praise to the Lord” and we have seen that happen during our meditations. The group may choose a topic for the meditation and scripture will be read. As the horses are loose during this time, the Holy Spirit is free to work with each person through the horses to bring wisdom and understanding to their deepest needs. You will not leave unchanged. Topics may include Faith over Fear, The Promises of God, Healing, The Father’s Love, etc. Group sizes up to 6 people. Time: 1pm – 3pm.


Cost: $300/group + hst



Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your group needs or if you have a larger group.