The Horses… The Teachers


“Then the Lord spoke to Job out of the storm. He said: …
Do you give the horse its strength or clothe its neck with a flowing mane? Do you make it leap like a locust, striking terror with its proud snorting? It paws fiercely, rejoicing in its strength, and charges into the fray. It laughs at fear, afraid of nothing; it does not shy away from the sword.”


Horses are sentient creatures admired for their strength, beauty and courage. They have the spirit of warriors! It is because of those qualities that we are drawn to horses yet it is their gentle spirits and honest willingness that enables us to learn about ourselves. In a tranquil atmosphere, our visitors are given the opportunity to spend time with our equine teachers, providing a fun and engaging way to learn.


What makes horses different from people is their inability to lie. Horses are truly authentic in mind, body and spirit. Humans on the other hand have the unique ability to say one thing with their mouth and something completely different with their body while feeling something else in their hearts. With horses, what they are feeling is shown directly in how they act. There is no discrepancy. Not only are they authentic, but in order to gain their respect, horses ask that we show up in an authentic way too. They respond with complete honesty to our actions. Our herd of horses are the experts on relational living, since their very existence depends on their ability to co-exist in harmony. As we watch a herd of horses grazing in a far off field, we are drawn to the peaceful existence they portray, and it becomes a tangible desire for our own lives.


“But ask the animals, and they will teach you.”


In order to effectively handle a horse you must be the “better horse”, and that can only be done when you’ve developed leadership skills such as awareness, communication, empathy, compassion and assertiveness. Horses encourage you to develop problem solving skills and a greater sense of responsibility for your non-verbal actions. Horses are prey animals and as such are hyper vigilant toward their environment and their safety. This hyper vigilance translates into their ability to sense and tune into non-verbal communication. They are able to sense the emotions and intentions that are hidden in non-verbal communication and the energy these emotions carry. Even though horses have been domesticated for centuries, this characteristic remains finely tuned in their DNA. Horses therefore reflect back to people what is happening to them in terms of their internal emotional and psychological selves. As a result, horses can help identify and explore feelings that were previously unknown or unacknowledged giving you an opportunity to visually see your own emotions and choose how to respond.


With the help of the horses, you will discover the unconscious reasons you think and act the way you do and bring them into the light in a gentle and effective exploration of your inner self. Every experience with the horses can be applied to a variety of different situations in your life.Snowball fight
Because of their intelligence and high degree of sensitivity, they provide constant feedback and timely rewards or consequences for your actions. By choosing to respond instead of unconsciously reacting to what the horses present in various activities, participants are able to raise their awareness and communication skills which reflects into all areas of their lives. They learn how to choose a new way of thinking. Beliefs create thoughts which give us feelings/emotions which turn into actions which ultimately creates our destiny. As the horses challenge the participants beliefs about themselves, the opportunity to make changes to create a better life is revealed to each participant.


Because horses have distinct personalities, attitudes and moods, what works with one horse may not work with another. As a result, the opportunity for personal growth and learning through time spent with the herd are limitless. Horses are large and powerful and learning to communicate with them provides children and adults the chance to overcome fear and intimidation, giving each person the courage to face other challenges in their lives.


Horses are masters at reading body language, even when we try to hide our emotions. Instinctively, horses are able to see past what we are showing the world and read the thoughts of our heart.


While the horses show you a reflection of your actions and the metaphors for other areas of your life are discussed, experiential learning gives you a chance to visually see how your thoughts affect those around you. Horses have a highly developed sense of emotional intelligence. Learning how to “shake off stress” and live in the moment is part of their life lessons. As the horses reveal your buried emotions, a certified life coach facilitator will help you gain insight into the ways you can break free from the thoughts and feelings that hold you back from a better and more successful future. Come and learn from the herd…it’s a fun way to embrace change!





Each horse here on the farm has its own story to tell. We invite you to meet the horses.