Our Vision



At Story Book Meadows we value every person’s story and encourage them on their life’s journey. We help them overcome challenges and discover opportunities to succeed…in relationships, personal goals, spiritual growth and career satisfaction. We offer a ranch retreat to help visitors disconnect from the everyday noise and reconnect with their inner authentic self. To be still for a moment and reflect on what’s important in their life.



Our Mission



Our ranch facilities are for people of all ages and abilities who are seeking personal growth, change or healing for varying social, emotional and mental health needs. With Professional Coaching, Leadership Coaching or Psychotherapy, either with or without the help of horses and other farm animals as powerful teachers and healers, we encourage each participant’s personal and professional growth and development. We offer life coaching for relationship restoration, spiritual enhancement and practical skill development to those seeking help with…personal growth, conflict resolution, overcoming obstacles and emotional healing. Offering private, family or group sessions, important skills are learned through this holistic approach. Coaching offers clients the ability to acknowledge where they are at this moment in their life while discovering the heart issues that are blocking them from moving into the future. Coaching will help people identify their goals and map out the journey that will help them achieve those goals. For those individuals who can’t find their way beyond emotional pain from their past we offer psychotherapy with the healing help of the horses.


For centuries, horses were a part of almost every household and family, but in recent decades, the balance, strength and wisdom learned from these magnificent animals has been lost to many. At Story Book Meadows horses can once again become our teachers and our healers. With so many blended households and hurting souls in our world today, there is a serious need to find a place where children, adolescents and adults can feel at home among trusted friends. A place where they can belong. Story Book Meadows endeavors to be that place.



Inspiring confidence & love with the healing help of horses!
– Story Book Meadows: Mission Statement