Life Coaching Testimonials



Susan H.


on April 9, 2021


I have taken several sessions of equine assisted learning, and horsemanship, and also Christian life coach counselling, and Trish has been very helpful. She is very knowledgeable about the Christian faith, and is skilled at guiding the various activities with the horses along. The horses (and donkeys!) are awesome! Each one has a special way of helping you. And the facilities are very clean and well-run, a beautiful country setting. I would highly recommend Story Book Meadows.



Angie C.


on March 16, 2015


I have a friend. She owns a farm with seven horses, two donkeys, a gang of squawking chickens, four jack russels and one disabled miniature horse. At Story Book Meadows she’s helping people unravel the mess of tangled years through Equine Assisted Learning and her skills as a Life Coach. I slept over the other night, fed up with my own mangled heart and family. The right time presented itself and I ejected from our house. I was just going to hit a hotel, hopefully with a friend, swim, eat, enjoy a glass of wine or two and sleep in. I was going to walk and write and pray. I was going to have fun! Maybe a pillow fight and let loose. Trish jumped in and said “Why don’t you come to my place!” So I did. She’s not one for small talk and doesn’t beat around the bush. She asks pointed questions, designed to dig into the heart of the matter and not let you off the hook. She enjoys it. I felt like an imposition. All this talk about me and that was what she wanted to do; ask questions, get answers and lead me to right conclusions, to the truth. That’s what she does. So I indulged. We talked about men, about husbands, hurts, hearts and the guck that messes a girl up. We talked about why some of us are confident and some wither in the presence of a woman who knows she’s okay. Because when you know you’re not okay, when you believe you’re less than, you look that way and live that way.


We took a break and fed the menagerie out there in the sun bathed evening. We walked around the back acreage then settled in for steaming chicken from the crock pot and more probing conversation. Trish is wired to dig and revels in unearthing nuggets of truth. She gets a grin and laughs a bit when she realizes something and waits until I’m caught up into the AH HA moment. She seems to live for this and I’m so thankful to have been led on this journey by a friend.


Some of the story is just mine to treasure, precious revelation only meant for me but the truth is this:
I’m still letting it sink in. Loved by Him who put the stars in place. Him who let His body be stretched out on a tree to absorb all the lies and filth I have believed and lived. Loved by she who birthed me and gave me all of her best. Loved by him who fathered me and gave me so many of his attributes. Loved by him who chose me and put a ring on my finger and said “Yes” to “As long as we both shall live. In sickness and in health,” even when it was sin sickness that made me a soul cripple. And though it has not been perfect. Though we have judged in selfishness and believed the worst about each other. STILL we have been kept until the lies were undone and the Truth is left standing Beloved in front of me. I am loved! And that is All.


You might ask how we came to that. The story is long, too much to share here. But I will say that the framework was already there in me. The truth was already known but lies I had accepted over long years had grown deep roots and strangled the life out of me. Trish’s probing, unrelenting questions untangled the knots so the wrong beliefs could be yanked out. Only then could the truth be understood. Life is a garden. God plants beauty and truth. The enemy plants death and lies. We have to choose what to believe, what to water and tend. If the lies are given permission they will grow weedy thick and crowd out life and truth. Today we dug deep and tended the truth.


I Am Loved!


Jesus made women and called us good. He made us to be beautiful from the inside out. He designed us to be vessels of love; Tall and short, voluptuous and slender, dark and pale and all shades in between, curly and straight, freckled and smooth, perky little nosed and aquiline as well. We are lovely! We were never meant for exploitation. The rape of our souls and bodies is an affront to the Designer who called us His. Our bodies were given to play, to snuggle, to love, to conceive, to carry, to birth, to cradle and caress. Our hands were made to create, our eyes to perceive beauty and our ears to listen for our Beloved. We were given a mind to understand all that He wants to teach us and to make best decisions for those we love. My descriptions might be construed as meaning that a woman was only made for child bearing. She certainly was designed that way. Our center is a nest, a life nurturing vessel.
But not all women are mothers. Not all women can conceive a child and some don’t want to. But all women do conceive. We bring forth ideas, art and literature, industry, organization and the unique giftedness that God placed in us to demonstrate Himself to the world around us. I believe we as women are in a constant state of conception and birth. But when lies are embedded in our soil, we cannot live out the plans He has for us. The ground has to be tilled and weeds yanked out to the very depth of their roots. Only then can the works He prepared for us be brought into the light and grown to their utmost, life giving potential and purpose.


That is what happened as Trish and I sat up late, until the yawns betrayed us and we had to turn in for the night. But she pressed me hard until all the questions were answered and the truth set me free. That’s what she does and how the Savior gifted her. It’s how He moves through her and I wish everyone could have this opportunity. God uses her and the horses to teach people the truth about themselves. You can call her and visit the farm. is her website and will give you all her information. Read the blog if you get a chance. The stories there make you want to get serious about the story you are living out each day.





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