3. Healing Hearts – Power Tools for Living

September 1st, 2014

Power Tools for Living Group Sessions

Start Date: to be determined
Time: 2 hours/week
Duration: 6 weeks
Ages: 13 to adults
Cost: group rates apply

(minimum 6 participants required)

In this program clients are given the opportunity to discover six core character development traits vital to emotional health. As the participants work with the horses they learn a tremendous amount about the impact of their communication, actions and problem-solving skills. In this positive, non-threatening atmosphere, while carrying out assigned tasks with horses, the participants are given a rare opportunity to practice the important life skills of respect, responsibility, relationship skills, empathy, boundaries, choices & consequences and overcoming obstacles. The participants are challenged to use these new “tools” to stretch and grow emotionally. This program facilitates the rapid acquisition of social and emotional intelligences, which empower participants and gives them a fresh sense of self and a hope and belief in their ability to affect a positive impact on their current lives and future. All activities are on the ground…no previous horse experience required.

Power Tools for Living
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