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What is a family in the horse’s world?


The Stallion’s job is to protect and keep his family safe. The Lead Mare’s job is to run the family…tell them when to eat, when to drink and when to play…She heads up the family with a sense of organization and control. She is in charge and everyone knows it. The Grandmother, Aunt and older relatives keep an eye on the family offering instruction and discipline. They will let the mother know when there is something needing her attention and direction. The youngster’s will be youngster’s. They play and tear around, testing boundaries and rules, breaking those rules and generally push as far as they can until one of the elders gets after them. There is tolerance for their antics until they step over the line of acceptable behavior. Then, they are disciplined by being isolated from the rest of the herd until they apologize and show an acceptably humble stance and they are forgiven for their behavior. The day to day living of this caring family abounds with peace and harmony even in the midst of crises and troubles. This is the way a herd of horses exist and has been existing for thousands of years. This very picture of an organization running in perfect sync is why horses can teach us so much about ourselves and how to respond to the situations in our lives. Horses are masters at managing emotions. We see in the horse a quiet strength of mind, dogged determination and confidence. The horse never questions who he is. The horse has a trust and a belief in himself because he does not have an emotional component mentally second guessing him and holding him back.


“The horse shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the sense we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear.” – Henry Beston


With so many competing ideas and philosophies about relationships and families and how to raise children, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and paralyzed. This feeling is amplified by the fact that many of us come from broken and dysfunctional families. But there is HOPE. Whether couples or family coaching for issues such as communication, conflict, blended families, boundaries, stress reduction, roles and rules, or any other situation causing concern in your family, we can help. Coaching is coming alongside you in your current situation and helping you get to a new place in your relationships with awareness, action plans and accountability. Coaching can make such a tremendous difference to your life you’ll wish you’d tried it years ago!


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Note: Custom programs can be developed for your family’s need. No horse experience is necessary. All activities are on the ground. Please check our calendar of events for program dates and cost.



Program 1: It’s NOT My Fault


So who’s really to blame? Is it other people, circumstances or DNA? When did we stop taking responsibility for ourselves and start blaming everyone and everything else for our problems. That mindset gets us stuck and makes us think there’s nothing we can do to make our lives better. Whether it’s a relational problem or an emotional struggle such as depression, anxiety or addiction, you can take back the power, bring order to the chaos and choose to have a better life which in turn benefits everyone around you. Allowing the herd to help you navigate these eight principles makes it easier to learn.
Session duration: 6 weeks (2 hours/week) Cost: (to be determined)


Where there is strife, there is pride, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.


Program 2: Peacemaking for Families


IMG_4569We long for peace in the safety of our homes but sometimes it’s the biggest battlefield. We get respect from others at work, but can’t find it in our own families.In this program we learn that family conflict is inevitable and normal. With blended families there are so many more conflicts to resolve and understand. Whether the issues involve husband and wife, parent and child, or siblings, your family can learn important principles for achieving peaceful resolutions to those conflicts we naturally fall into. There are many practical and easy to remember truths that will help build a new level of communication in families. Through activities with the horses experiential learning brings these truths to life.
Session duration: 6 weeks (2 hours/week) Cost: (to be determined)



Program 3: A Marriage that Lasts


photo (8)Statistics say that one in two marriages will end in divorce. All marriages are under attack and the greatest thing you can do for your children is to have a happy marriage. Utilizing the power of the horses this program teaches some of the basic tools needed to keep a marriage healthy and strong. From learning to communicate, setting loving boundaries, sharing love and respect and resolving conflicts there is hope that your marriage will last a lifetime. Whether you’re thinking of getting married or have been married for years, you will find amazing growth as individuals and couples in this course.
Session Duration: 4 weeks (2 hours/week) Cost: (to be determined)



Program 4: Parenting at the Barn


Kids don’t listen, chaos in the household, loss of control as a parent are all problems facing families in today’s culture. Using the horses, parents will discover how their parenting skills are being tested and how some small changes can make all the difference. Like horses, your kids study you and know exactly how to push you to the limit. They know how to manipulate and how to achieve their own goals. Are you enabling your child’s bad behaviour? Do you realize what you are doing that is causing the behaviour you don’t want in your kids? Learn from the horses in this innovative and exciting group for parents of children of any age.
Session Duration: 4 weeks (2 hours/week) Cost: (to be determined)


Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.