Healing Hearts

We envision a world where youth and adults with emotional wounds and youth and adults with special needs realize their God given destinyDSC_4350 and live vital, vibrant lives. Participating in Healing Hearts will help children, teens and adults heal from emotional wounds while they “play” alongside the horses. This gentle form of ‘animal therapy’ is a proven way to incite emotional healing from past experiences and to help build social skills for the future. All activities are on the ground…no previous horse experience required.
With the gentle touch of a velvet nose, the whisper of breath on an upturned face and soft eyes offering total acceptance, horses can change lives. They build trust in people by teaching them things that no human can. Many times a horse can reach the heart of a person that has become closed to others. Through acceptance by the herd, clients will become more confident and caring.

Individual Programs include:

Program 1 – Inner Healing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis program is for those struggling with grief & loss, serious health issues and overcoming trauma. The horses will give them that special time of bonding while helping each person find their way. Individual participants will learn how to care for horses while spending time one on one with a caring and compassionate mentor/leader. All sessions are approximately 60 minutes. The lessons are flexible allowing the time to best serve the needs of the individual child, adolescent or adult. The power of horses to heal and teach goes beyond the understanding of professionals in the therapy world. This program offers participants an opportunity to learn life skills through ‘aha’ moments of discovery and to find freedom from fear.

Program 2 – Special Needs

may 2409 066This program is for special needs youth and adults. Horses teach body awareness and assist youth and adults to recognize triggers and behavioural patterns. They also teach social and emotional well being and assist in establishing trust, safety and healthy boundaries. Participants will discover:

    • herd dynamics
    • grooming and bathing their horse
    • nurturing relationships
    • creative thinking and problem solving
    • Communication building
    • goal setting
    • horse handling and ground work
    • working in the round pen
    • ranch life and outdoor exercise


Group Programs include:

Anger Management: This program explores ways to manage and deal with anger issues. Through coaching and equine assisted learning activities participants gain a greater understanding and awareness of shy they are angry, as well as teaching life skills to reduce anger outbursts and harm to self and others. Topics include anger styles, external triggers, internal triggers, learning relaxation techniques, interrupting the anger process and beliefs/values.
Anxiety & Bully Prevention/Intervention: We have developed this course to teach conflict management skills to participants aimed specifically to strengthen confidence and self-awareness. DSCF3473It will empower them to create change in a positive way within all their relationships, thus preventing harmful relationships such as bullying. Stopping the hurt and healing their hearts will be addressed throughout the six weeks. This program is for youth and adults alike. Bullying is a technique used by both young and old to intimidate, control and inflict pain. Learning how to deal with bullying in school, home or workplace is part of this course.
Power Tools for Living: In this program clients are given the opportunity to discover six core character development traits vital to emotional health. As the participants work with the horses they learn a tremendous amount about the impact of their communication, actions and problem-solving skills. In this positive, non-threatening atmosphere, while carrying out assigned tasks with horses, the participants are given a rare opportunity to practice the important life skills of respect, responsibility, relationship skills, empathy, boundaries, choices & consequences and overcoming obstacles. The participants are challenged to use these new “tools” to stretch and grow emotionally. This program facilitates the rapid acquisition of social and emotional intelligences, which empower participants and gives them a fresh sense of self and a hope and belief in their ability to affect a positive impact on their current lives and future.
Our Ranch is a place where each participant’s unique personality and gifts are discovered and celebrated. People who face each day with emotional trauma, learning disabilities, behavioural challenges or have experienced any form of abuse come here to work with horses, and in doing so learn how to receive love and acceptance while reaching towards their full potential.
Contact us to schedule an appointment. All programs are individually priced and can be customized for your particular needs.
Story Book Meadows “Healing Hearts” program is a Similar Ministry of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones”. Proverbs 17:22