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Conflict Resolution & Mediation

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Our services help individuals, families or groups develop stronger relationships while learning how to resolve conflict through biblical peacemaking techniques. Personal coaching can be held on the ranch with the horses or without them, however the horses can assist the clients in developing social and emotional well-being while helping to establish trust, safety and healthy boundaries in their relationships. While learning how to express sincere apologies and understanding true forgiveness, broken relationships can be restored. Conflict Coaching & Mediation is effective for individuals, couples, families, businesses and any other situations where there are differences of opinions and agreements need to be reached.

Conquering Conflict & Rebuilding Lives!

Living with unresolved conflict creates emotions such as unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, resentment, strife, jealousy and envy. It can also lead to physical addictions including alcohol, drugs, sex and cutting. Finally, the extreme situations can end in suicide. Studies have proven that living with those emotions cause stress, disease, illness, broken relationships, financial ruin, mental illness, emotional pain, insecurity, unemployment and physical pain. Studies also show that over 80% of the population feel like victims or are angry most of the time.


4-15-11 027
Arguments, disagreements, disputes—whatever you want to call it, conflict is an unfortunate part of life. But it doesn’t have to be destructive.
Imagine your world is a place where peace exists in all your relationships and you consciously choose how to respond to each situation with love. Imagine your world is a place where you’ve learned how to extend grace to those who don’t deserve it and mercy to those who deserve your anger. Imagine your world is a place where you’ve learned how to feel joy in all circumstances! With our ‘Focused Leadership’ program this can become a reality in your life.
Through various activities with the horses and teaching sessions, participants develop skills that will help them…
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    • Increase their confidence and sense of who they are
    • Learn how to respond to situations rather than reacting
    • Improve communication & understand the impact of their words
    • Recognize triggers and behavioural patterns
    • Learn how to reflect, self analyze and forgive
    • Move beyond the pain of betrayal, mistrust, grief and loss
    • Nurture relationships & build healthy boundaries
    • Focus on creative and positive solutions rather than what’s wrong
    • Motivate & inspire both themselves and others to build extraordinary relationships full of life giving energy
    • and so much more…



The focus of each session is based on the individual needs of the client/s.


Please contact us about special pricing for your situation or group needs.


Don’t waste another day living in unresolved conflict!