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Christian Life Coaching



Life coaching is still a relatively new and emerging field in helping people and has a sense of vagueness about it. Life coaching has the ability to help people make their dreams become a reality. Life Coaching can benefit children, teens and adults who are ready to take action steps towards their goals. Individual sessions can be scheduled with or without the help of the horses as desired. Sessions can be in person or by phone.




How do you know if you need a Life Coach?


We all have a purpose for existing in this world with a dream that is in our hearts that can’t be denied. It may be a secret that is held close to our heart or we may think it’s just too big to ever come true but faith combined with action can make those dreams a reality. Most people have a moment when they realize their life isn’t going the way they desire. This frequently occurs when they just let “life happen” and are passive in dealing with the situations in their life. They tend to just “go with the flow” and stop being proactive about their circumstances and decisions. Other times we are forced into changes we don’t choose because of circumstances and we find it difficult to decide on a new path. Since we live in world that is changing so quickly this can be unsettling. Many times we need some help to navigate those changes. There may be small things blocking you from achieving your goals or they may be large. A Life Coach can help you reconnect with your passion for life and map out the journey that will get you where you want to go!


Your dream is there ready for you to reach out and take hold of it! If you are not moving towards your dreams, then life coaching can help you. Through coaching, experiential learning and focused leadership, the issues that are blocking you can be resolved and a new way of living achieved. Sometimes there are simple habits we’ve developed over the years that are hindering our way and sometimes there are deep emotional traumas that need to be released. But all positive changes starts with the willingness to do something different. Don’t spend another day wishing your life was different or wondering why things haven’t turned out the way you wanted them to.

A Life Coach can help you reconnect with your true passion and purpose in life…


    • to find the career path that you are excited about
    • to attract the relationships you desire for yourself and your family
    • by teaching you where you have energy leaks in your thought life
    • to understand the purpose of negative experiences in your life
    • to utilize the talents and gifts you’ve been given
    • so your body is fully healed and filled with life giving energy
    • so you are living in peace without anxiety and stress


How does a Christian Life Coach help?


We have the solutions within us to solve all of our problems but mostly we get in our own way when trying to find solutions. By keeping the clients needs at the center of the coaching relationship, a life coach will help the client figure out what their life journey is and how to stay on track. Most people do not know what their purpose in life is or what they want out of life. They had a dream but it’s gotten lost along the way. Working with a coach can help them refresh their life. A coach will provide the structure and the path to create the plan to get there while keeping the client accountable and motivated to succeed. Through Core Energy Coaching and inner healing, the client will learn a new perspective on the things that are holding them back from achieving their goals and dreams. By embracing biblical principles clients are able to understand and put into practice God’s way of doing life. And God’s way works!


These are just some of the personal issues that Life Coaching can help with:


  • Discovering your Authentic Self
  • Career Changes & Life Purpose
  • Improving Communication
  • Overcoming Obstacles & Problem Solving
  • Assertiveness
  • Achieving work/life balance
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Beliefs & Attitudes
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • Family Dynamics
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Grief & Loss/Panic Attacks
  • Parenting Skills
  • Overcoming Guilt & Unforgiveness
  • Overcoming Fear & Building Confidence



Contact us to discuss your needs.



Sign up for the “The Abundant Life” Program today!


In order to live the new life we desire there are actions we need to take. For some, the realities of life took over and now, a decade or two later, things just didn’t turn out the way we hoped. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be…


Part 1: Who Am I? The first part of creating an Abundant Life is to excavate the real you. The You that God created you to be. Through personality assessments, attitude assessments, life experiences and discussing your dreams we will delve into knowing and understanding God’s will for your life.

Part 2: What’s My Value? We will discuss values, what they are and how they impact your life and your relationships. After completing a value assessment we will assess to what extent your life currently aligns with your values.


Part 3: What’s My Dream? The third part of the course focuses on your dreams! Using different brain-storming tools that open up your creativity and options, we will dream big and see where God leads our hearts and minds.


Part 4: Becoming an Over-comer! This section teaches you how to face your giants. We will identify and confront all of the barriers, obstacles and roadblocks to you feeling that your dreams can be a reality. We are intentionally dealing with these giants so they never come back to stop your dreams again. This section also teaches how your level of hope affects you reaching your goals.


Part 5: The Vision Written Down! This final road map prepares a comprehensive workable plan to begin your journey to the abundant life God has for you. You now know Who You Are and will live According to Your Values to achieve the goals you have without the barriers you had so you can live a God sized dream!


There isn’t a final destination because we believe that a life with God is more about the journey than the destination. We are not waiting for heaven to begin eternity, God wants to be with us here and now. He is with us on the journey and our journey leads into eternity! Let’s begin today!


Individual Abundant Life Program:
This is a 10 week course working one on one with your personal life coach (most sessions are 1 hour in length). The sessions are designed to inspire, administer assessments, teach and most importantly discuss you and your life. This program can be administered over the phone or in person. Price includes all assessments, materials and workbook. If sessions are in person at the ranch it may include time with the horses in Equine Assisted Learning activities.
PRICE: $650.00 + hst for 10 sessions


Group Abundant Life Program:
This course is for groups of 6-20. The format is a bit more structured with 10 weeks of 3 hour sessions which include teaching time, interactive work ie. assessments, and then group discussions. These groups are in person only at the ranch which may include time with the horses in Equine Assisted Learning activities or it can be held at the client’s group location. More time is provided to ensure individual attention in the group setting. Prices may vary depending on location and number of people.
PRICE: $300.00 + hst/person for 10 sessions