General Information

Story Book Meadows was created in 2008 to offer the growth and development that is available through the spirit of horses to children, adolescents and adults. In their gentle and solemn way, horses are able to make our world a better place. In their quiet and majestic way, horses have much to teach us if we are open to hearing their whispers. Those of us who live with horses know the truth of what Winston Churchill said…”the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man”. The purpose of this ranch is to enable anyone to discover that for themselves.


The ranch is a peaceful environment with no expectations and no judgment. Visitors can choose to find their balance and harmony in any way that is comfortable to them. We are here to offer whatever support, prayer and encouragement our visitors desire. We will facilitate their learning from the animals themselves and guide them into receiving a deeper understanding of their own self. We believe we each have our own solutions once we learn how to turn off the outside noises and listen with our heart. Holistic healing is available to everyone who is seeking. We are here to help visitors learn how to find it through the many services offered on this ranch. We will customize a program specifically for your needs. The messages each person takes away from the ranch will last a lifetime. We honour people of any age and ability from all walks of life.


Please call to make an appointment to visit the ranch and find out how our herd can help you. We hope to see you soon!