Frequently Asked Questions


General Program Information




General Program Information


How did Story Book Meadows get started?


Trish and Gary followed their hearts to start a ranch where children, adolescents and adults can pursue personal growth with horses.


Is Story Book Meadows a religious organization?


No! Story Book Meadows is a faith-based ranch. Faith on the ranch is ‘lived’ not ‘preached’. We are honored to serve children, adolescents and adults of all backgrounds and faiths. We welcome visitors of any belief to share our property and our animals for their teaching and healing help.


Are the programs taught from a biblical perspective?


It depends! Our faith is shared with anyone who is seeking. Our liability releases give everyone the opportunity to let us know whether or not they wish us to share our faith and we always respect those wishes. Our programs are adjusted accordingly.


Do you customize programs?


Yes! Our programs are co-created with you, focusing on your desired outcomes. We work collaboratively with our clients so that what is learned in partnership with horses is transferable back to a world without them. We meet your needs either individually or as a group.


How many people can you accommodate?


We work with groups ranging from just a few to up to fifty. Larger groups are broken down into smaller clumps to enhance each individual’s learning experience.


How much time does a program take?


It depends on what you or your group is trying to accomplish and what your goals are. We will set a program length according to your needs.


How much does a program cost?


Cost varies based on the time, number of people, desired outcomes, etc. Shown rates will be adjusted according to your personal needs. Please contact usfor more information


Why choose Story Book Meadows?


Established in 2008, Story Book Meadows has a qualified, experienced team of facilitators dedicated to help you develop the best program for you or your company. With both an Equine Professional and Certified Professional Coach, we are able to deliver effective and profound learning experiences for everyone. With over 45 years of experience with horses, you can be sure safety and knowledge is our first priority in helping people with horses.


Is horse experience required to participate in any of the programs?


No and because safety is important to us, only well qualified, friendly and kind horses are used for these activities.


Do the horses like doing this type of work?


Yes! Because the horses are free during most of the activities, they are able to be themselves and interact with people as they choose to. They always run to the gate when cars arrive to say hello and see who they will be working with that day.


What if I don’t like horses or am scared of them?


Trust and respect is part of creating an effective learning environment, a place that allows for personal and group awareness, innovation and change. We never force anyone to participate but most people find they trust us and our horses once they’ve met us and our herd.


Will we ride horses?


Maybe…if riding the horses is part of accomplishing the goal, we will add that into the activities.


Do I need special equipment or clothing?


Our activities are either outdoors or in an indoor arena so wearing appropriate clothing is important. Also, wearing close toed, flat soled shoes are a must. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty with dust and horse hair.


Could I get hurt?


We do everything possible to reduce the risk of physical or emotional harm. While there is always the possibility of physical injury when working with live animals, we include equine specialists with every program.


Does SBM offer overnight accommodations?


Yes! Although we are still working on the rooms, we have several already available for overnight guests.


Who needs to complete a liability release form?


Everyone! Because of the unpredictable nature of horses and ranch life, you and each person you bring is required to have our current release form on file or completed first thing on arrival. In order to participate in any of our programs, a completed release form must be on file.





Do Volunteers have to be Christians?


Absolutely not! We love to meet and spend time with everyone. All we ask is that you have a heart to help and a passion for animals.


When can I volunteer?


Volunteering is limited to the ranch hours of operation. Approved volunteers will be scheduled according to availability and need. Please refer to our individual application for more information.


What position can I volunteer for?


Please contact us to determine what position of help you could fill that you are interested in.


Is there any financial assistance to volunteers?


At this time SBM does not have the resources to assist with your costs to volunteer.


Do volunteers sign a liability release?


Yes, all volunteers must sign a liability release like all other visitors. You are here on the ranch at your own risk and must provide your own health care if there are any accidents.


What is the benefit to me if I volunteer?


The beauty of the property itself is healing and life giving all its own. Just to spend time here with the horses can be life changing, as well as visiting with the like-minded folks that share in this ranch. In every heart is a need to be needed. To improve the lives of others will fill the elementary need in every person’s heart. And from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.